2017. January. 19.

Here is a little update from R5 in the studio! More updates will be posted as I get it!

Marketing manager on a Coffee break.

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2017. January. 17.

Good news R5 fans as you all know R5 has been the studio latterly and the most recent ones has been Rocky and Ricker but this time Rocky posted this who is looking forward to seeing the new things coming from them this year?

2017. January. 16.

So Ricky Lynch had a radio interview today so check below his Facebook page and if there is any radio broadcast of this I will post it up but mind you this was done from his home so I don’t know if this will be online at all but once I find out it will be posted on here so you can all listen back:

2017. January. 16.

Ah exciting news check below to see what Rocky Lynch posted on his Facebook page! Well I am hoping this means album news as this seems a long long wait for the R5 fans.

2017. January. 12.

I was having browse around on Ross Lynch IMDB site and it says that he has been filming two films for 2017 not sure if the second one is true but all I know is that he has mentioned about Status Updates on his Instagram page which he says here:

#StatusUpdateMovie rated R(oss)

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The status update he will be filmed along side his girlfriend Courtney Eaton and there on screen names will be:
Ross Lynch-Kyle Moore
Courtney Eaton-Charlotte Alden

I do hope this will be on Disney Channel for us viewers in the UK to watch unless that means he’s doing it for a DVD but the time will tell when he says anything more about it but all I can say is keep an eye on my website for these projects that’s coming up!

I know this was ages ago and possibly sometime in 2016 but I saw this post on Kids Choice Awards twitter page and Instagram so I thought I give this both a share:

#KCAWinners Favorite TV Actor – Kids Show: Ross Lynch

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Hello everyone

Welcome to my very first website for Ross Lynch. I like would like to say thank you all for being very patience with me while I was getting this sorted for you all. I will get round to getting this up and running before any of Ross’s new projects starts and of course updating you all in what the band gets up too.

I would like to say I am looking for affiliates as well so if you need me just send me a message on the guest book section here: Guest Book until I get the email messages sorted for you all.